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Mayra Chavez
ASES Coordinator
(530) 867-2150
Katie Bruner 
1st & 2nd grade
Mary Huynh
3rd grade
Christian Pesqueda
4th grade
Alicia Chavez-Alcaraz
5th grade
Melissa Gramajo 
6th grade
Lindsey Bruner 
Sub-coordinator / Enrichment project leader


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The purpose of Tafoya's ASES program is to provide safe and educational opportunities for its students. The program has three components: academic, enrichment, and recreation.  The academic support is provided by experienced tutors, UC Davis student tutors, and credentialed teachers. Focus is on language arts and math, but all academic areas are included. Enrichment and recreation are also provided by teachers and tutors with a focus on art, music, nutrition, agriculture, science, and sports.
Attendance Policy
Attendance for the ASES Program is mandatory.  Students are expected to come every day there is school and to report to the program right when the bell rings.  Attendance is mandatory because there is such a waitlist and demand for the ASES Program and also because this program is funded through the state, which looks at attendance as one factor for continued funding.

Since attendance is mandatory, students are given up to three unexcused absences before they are dropped from the program. Coordinators may do so at their discretion.

Excused absences (that do not count towards dropping a student from ASES) include:
  • Doctor appointments
  • Dentist appointments
  • Illness
  • Family trip/vacation
  • Family emergency/crisis
  • Going out of town
  • No available transportation
Unexcused absences are anything not mentioned above, such as vacation, special events, running errands etc.