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It is important that kids are in school so that they can keep up with their class and receive the instruction that they need.  Attendance is also important because much of Tafoya's funding comes from our average daily attendance.  Every day that students are out, we lose $28.46 per student. 

Help us meet our attendance goal by following our attendance policy:

Absences are excused for:  illness, medical/dental appointments, and attendance at a funeral of an immediate family member.  You have 48 hours after the day of absence to call the office or send a note to excuse the absence.  When you have three unexcused absences, you will get a letter from the school that will reiterate the attendance policy and encourage you to call the office when your child is out. After another unexcused absence, you will receive a second letter from the school, letting you know that you may receive a home visit if your child continues to be absent from school. After another unexcused absence, the Vice Principal will call you to attend a meeting with the School Attendance Review Team (SART).  At that meeting, we will discuss your child's attendance record and come up with a plan. 

When a student has 10 days of absences for illness, the school may require that any further absences be verified by a physician.
Independent Study

Independent Study

Independent Study is a program that allows students who will be out of town for a minimum of five days, to keep up with their school work and get credit for their attendance.  Parents must notify the school office a minimum of 10 school days in advance of the travel date, so that the appropriate paperwork can be completed.  If the Independent Study Request is approved, the office will give the teacher the contract to be completed.

Your independent study request will be approved if:
  • your child is meeting grade level standards in language arts and math
  • your child has a satisfactory attendance record
An independent study request will not be approved if you don't meet the above criteria.  Also, if you have previously requested independent study and the contract was incomplete your request will not be approved.