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Conflict Managers

The Tafoya Conflict Manager Program is a vital part of our school.  Tafoya Conflict Managers are school leaders and truly help make our school a better place.  The program is run by Tafoya teachers who are Conflict Manager Advisors.

When you visit our campus, you may see some fourth, fifth, or sixth grade students wearing green or red vests and carrying clipboards with rules at recess. These are our Conflict Managers.  Conflict Managers are trained to handle conflicts that may arise during recess.  The Conflict Managers are responsible for reporting to duty on time and to approach students that are having disagreements.  They help the students come up with ways to solve their conflicts.

Students are recommended by their classroom teachers to become a Conflict Manager if they are responsible role models that follow school rules and complete all assignments.

It is a must that these students are able to take initiative and solve conflicts that may arise.  Being a Conflict Manager is a voluntary activity and all Conflict Managers are responsible for making up any missed class work during their duty times.

Tafoya students benefit greatly from this program!