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Expanding Minds (Formerly ASES)

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The purpose of the Expanding Minds program is to provide safe and educational opportunities for its students. The program has three components: academic, enrichment, and recreation.  The academic support is provided by experienced tutors, UC Davis student tutors, and credentialed teachers. A large focus is on language arts and math, but all academic areas are included. Enrichment and recreation are also provided by teachers and tutors with a focus on art, music, nutrition, agriculture, science, and sports.
student expecTations

student expecTations

All participating students will be expected to follow Tafoya Elementary Standards of Behavior. This means always being Respectful, Responsible and Safe. I understand that my son’s/daughter’s continued participation in the program depends on the following:
  • Student Attendance: My son/daughter will attend all program hours of every school day and arrive on time. If my son/daughter accumulates five unexcused absences or late pick-ups, s/he will be dismissed from the program. An unexcused absence or early pick up must be excused with proper documentation within three days or remain unexcused. Documentation must be submitted to the program coordinator for attendance records. A late slip from a teacher, doctor, etc., is required for late arrivals.

  • Student Responsibility:  A responsible student is one who brings their homework, actively works on it daily and turns it in on time. Parents/Guardians must be aware our program is not just homework time. We have other program components that are required such as, Physical and Enrichment Activities. Students will be provided with homework time but may not always finish during our program hours; unfinished homework is the student’s responsibility to be completed at home.
  • A Respectful and Safe Student: One who has appropriate behavior. I understand that continuous inappropriate or disruptive behavior results in dismissal from the program. If a student receives a referral it is an immediate call home and possible pick up. One referral and the student will lose a Fun Friday, the second referral and the student is suspended from the program, three referrals and the student is dismissed from the program. All final decisions are made at the coordinator’s discretion.
  • Pick up time: I will pick up my son/daughter by 6:00 pm Monday-Friday by personally signing him/her out, noting the time and reason. If I allow someone else to sign my son/daughter out, that person will have my permission stated on the emergency card. If my son/daughter is not picked up by 6:00 pm, the police will be called to take my him/her home.


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Katie Bruner

Site Support Specialist

Meet our tutors

Meet our tutors

Sarah Johnson

Assists with all Grades

Anakaren Guillen

1st Grade Tutor

Evelyn R

Daniela Rodriguez

2nd Grade Tutor

Betsy Gullien

3rd Grade Tutor

Fernanda Rodriguez

4rd Grade Tutor

Christian Pesqueda

5th Grade Tutor

Juan C

Melissa Gramajo

6th Grade Tutor

Contact Coordinator

Contact Coordinator

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